Tibetan Mindfulness Meditation Retreat

Shamatha: Cultivating Mental Calmness



April 14, 2023 1:00 PM

Costa Rica UTC-6


April 16, 2023 5:00 PM

Costa Rica UTC-6

Registration Deadline:

April 11, 2023


Event Overview

This retreat offers a multitude of traditional meditation techniques that have been passed down through the Tibetan lineage.

The word Shamatha in the Tibetan language is "shi-ne", which means to “pacify our thoughts and agitation of the mind.” The goal is to calm the mind and bring it into one pointed concentration. Through the practice of calming the mind, clarity naturally arises and allows us to engage with life with compassion and wisdom.

Join us for instruction and training in the art of meditation by working with internal and external objects of focus: mantras, silence, sitting, nature walks, mindful breathing and even conscious eating. Learn how to practice mental calmness in any action throughout the day so we may organize our thoughts, develop more patience and tolerance, cultivate love, compassion, and interior peace.

Whether you are a long time meditator, or just beginning, you will find gems of wisdom to deepen your practice. Drupon Lama Dorje is an experienced meditation master of the Drikung Kagyu Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism- with over 30 years of meditation experience (4 of which were done in completed silent solitude in the mountains of India).

Day 1: afternoon arrival, welcome circle & meditation techniques, mindful dinner, fire circle meditation, mindful sleep practices

Day 2: Morning meditation, breakfast, mindful walking and river meditation, delicious lunch, teachings & afternoon practices, mindful dinner, mindful sleep practices

Day 3: Morning meditation, breakfast, meditating on our own in nature, delicious lunch, integration closing circle

(subject to minor shifts)

This retreat will be only mindful communication and no use of technology.

We will get an opportunity to tune into our greatest technology: the mind.

With the support of being held in a pristine nature reserve filled with tropical flowers, a delightful waterfall and river, and peaceful nooks in the rainforest, our meditation becomes stronger and more stable. The meals are fresh, healthy, local and vibrant. The  drinking water comes straight from fresh springs in the mountains which carry essential minerals that restore our bodies.

This retreat nurtures a state of inner peace that serves as a reference point for when we enter back into the world, equipped with tools to carry mindfulness throughout our lives.

The benefits of learning and deepening our practice of mindfulness is that we can live life more fully, being truly present for each moment and every interaction. Life becomes much more vibrant!

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Investment Packages

All packages include:

  • Daily precious teachings and guided meditations from Drupon Lama Dorje
  • Delicious, healthy vegetarian meals
  • 2 nights of the accommodation of your choice
  • Immersion in 47 hectares of private nature reserve that guarantees privacy, silence and peace.

Luxury Housing

Their comfort and beauty make them a magical place to rest. Comfortable and spacious rooms with a covered terrace. Each room has it's own bathroom.

  • Single Accommodation  (Limited Availability): $999 USD
  • Shared Accommodation: $695 USD

Glamping Tents

Enjoy the comforts of a room and the beauty of a luxury campsite. Tents with balcony, teak wood floor and private bamboo bathroom. Located in the upper area near the Practice Temple.

  • Single Accommodation (Limited Availability):  $875 USD
  • Shared Accommodation: $585 USD

Shared Mezzanine

Absorb the serenity and beauty of the Practice Temple and Altar. This loft sleeps 4 for a more economical option with a shared bathroom.​ *There are steep stairs/ladder leading up to these beds and is located at the top of the hill in the open-aired practice temple.

  • Shared Accommodation: $395

*Cancellation & Refund Policy*

  • Cancellation more than 60 days before the retreat: 100% refund
  • Cancellation less than 60 days and more than 30 days before the event: 50% refund
  • Cancellation less than 30 days, but more than 14 days: 25% refund
  • Cancellation 14 days or less, no refund


A mountain like a green carpet where you can hear the sound of a crystal clear river and the song of birds; where your eyes will be amazed by the colors of the flowers that bloom in the gardens and native forests; where your lungs will breathe pure air and you will be able to see the water that springs from the springs of the earth. Imagine a place where people believe in goodness and have the best disposition to serve you and help you connect with the best that lives in you. This is La Montaña Azul!