Dewachen World Peace Sanctuary

Dewachen, བདེ་བ་ཅན།, means “Pure Land” in the Tibetan Language.

A true refuge, place of happiness and mental state free of all afflictions where we touch our true nature.

Our Vision

Create a multi-cultural Buddhist sanctuary in the Costa Rican cloud forest welcoming all who aspire to cultivate inner peace and a deeply meaningful life that benefits others.

Our Mission

To offer visitors first-hand knowledge and practices with world-renowned spiritual masters, the opportunity to practice in a supportive community, and space to integrate in the stillness of nature to gain sincere inner happiness, confidence and calmness as we awaken our capacity to contribute to the well-being of the world.

Dewachen is a
sanctuary to ...

Cultivate Inner Happiness

Embark on a Solitary Retreat and learn the power of meditation

Apply the Tibetan Philosophy of Life to every day situations

Receive practice instruction from qualified masters

Foster Intercultural Unity

Attend gatherings with indigenous wisdom keepers and expand your worldview

Participate in workshops teaching compassionate leadership skills

Experience holistic healing modalities from around the world

Promote Ecological Regeneration

Learn the principles of regenerative design, permaculture and syntropic farming

Help us build a food forest and organic garden to nourish each visitor to Dewachen

Be a part of a living, breathing, hands-on ecological model for the future

You are invited to become a founding member of this historic world peace sanctuary 

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Dewachen Roadmap


Status: In Progress

  • Purchase 3 hectares of pristine cloud forest
  • Settle Dewachen Team on the land
  • Conduct land assessment and initiate designs
  • Develop springs to reach each level of Dewachen
  • Ecozoic bathrooms and retreat cabins

Status: Fundraising

  • Plant food forest and gardens
  • Build Initial Meeting structure to house basic events
  • Rinpoche house for visiting teachers
  • Purchase additional land to allow for expansion
  • Form Drikung Tara Choling Costa Rican association

Status: Planning

  • Build Intercultural Peace Shala 
  • Community kitchen and organic food program
  • Stupa of Bodhicitta constructed
  • Retreat Cabins and outdoor showers
  • Host first onsite Dharma workshops

Status: Planning

  • Build Lama and staff housing
  • Construction of Historic Buddhist Temple
  • First Rinpoche teachings at Dewachen
  • Amitabha Garden
  • Recording / Art Studio facilities added