Become a founder of Peace

Ways to Become a Founder

Becoming a founder of peace can be accomplished. Please explore the following pathways we offer for how to become engaged in creating the Dewachen World Peace Sanctuary.


Benefactors can choose to remain anonymous (Angel benefactor) or recognized (Engaged benefactor). You receive the benefit of having a place for you to rest and meditate at the world peace center in Costa Rica! Most importantly, you are backing truly wise and compassionate leaders that know how to make world peace a reality.

We ask that your generosity is “unconditional” so that Tibetan Masters and indigenous leaders from around the world have the ability to make appropriate decisions for our specific context. This is a delicate web we weave, thus we ask for your understanding of how we invest resources must be unhindered so we can truly uphold our vision in a way that respects the cultures and local communities we work with. We will always be wholly transparent with our budgets.

You can make a donation to our 501c3 Non-Profit and receive tax-deductible benefits in the U.S.You can choose to make an all encompassing donation which allows the organization to allocate the resources to our top priority in the project.

Benefactors may contact us to discuss the potential of joining the advisory board to provide support and direction in strategic planning and initiatives

If you are interested in contributing to a specific project as a benefactor, please consider the following:

Help us preserve 30 hectares of cloud forest

Sponsor a Rinpoche house

Sponsor a solitary
retreat cabin

Contribute towards Dharma programs

Intercultural Advisory Board

We weave a delicate web of intercultural relations with ancestral lineages- from Costa Rica, to Tibet, to Peru, to the Navajo nation and beyond. Do you have particular skills and experience that you feel would contribute to the accomplishment, direction, and strategic planning of a world peace sanctuary?

For example, some of our current areas of interest are:Business development, Funding management, Project management and operations

Contact us to discuss opportunities to be part of the advisory board.

Align Your Organization

Is your organization centered around practices and ethics that create a more compassionate and conscious world? Contact us to discuss opportunities for your company to become a Dharma partner.

Dharma Partners find creative ways to utilize their organization’s specialty, network, and/or funding opportunities to support the world peace sanctuary. We in turn offer opportunities for direct consultation support with Drupon Lama Dorje + tailored teachings & meditation practices for your board, staff, clients and organization.

Example: Magic Hour Tea found out the Lama Dorje Foundation team drinks Pu’er tea every day. They interviewed Lama Dorje, promoted Dewachen on their network, gave the team 50% off of all future orders, and are running a special campaign in which a percentage of all sales are dedicated to Dewachen World Peace Sanctuary. We in turn gave them recorded teachings on drinking tea as meditation, are writing a “tea as meditation” booklet for their company, and are simultaneously promoting their company on our networks.

Skilled Collaborations

Are you gifted in administration skills such as project management, event coordination, fundraising, communications, marketing, and other virtual based skill-sets? Or maybe you are skilled in ecological construction, project development, architecture, engineering, and other land-based skill-sets.

Explore our current volunteer opportunities or contact us to discuss opportunities to be part of our expanding team