Costa Rica

What is dewachen?


May all beings live happy and meaningful lives that contribute to a flourishing world.

At Dewachen, you gain experience in compassionate living, introspective knowledge, and meditation to awaken your innate happiness.

Our philosophy is based on Buddhist principles, yet openly embraces all cultural and spiritual backgrounds of the human family. Ecological regeneration models our love for all beings.

Dewachen བདེ་བ་ཅན། means “Blissful Land” in Tibetan  
A mental state of pure happiness where we touch the true nature of who we really are.


We have already purchased 3 hectares of pristine cloud forest
Settled the Dewachen team on the land
Observed the land and natural habitat
Began planting gardens and food forest
Developed springs to the food garden
Currently building our first retreat cabin and community kitchen

Help us build in 2024!

Now that the water springs are protected...



Check out the projects you can support below:

Build the Stupa

Total Goal: $50K

Anchor the spiritual heart of Dewachen with a Stupa dedicated to the Enlightened mind.

A stupa is a traditional monument filled with sacred prayers and offerings that protects the land and blesses visitors.

Contribute bags of cement, mantra offerings, relics, paint and more to build this sacred object.

All donations are tax-deductible in the U.S.

Sponsor Sangha

Retreat CABINS

Total Goal: $150K

We are building 8 sangha retreat cabins so you can come to Dewachen to meditate!

Donate a bag of cement, a window, or sponsor a whole cabin: anything small or large makes it possible to receive guests on site in 2024 to begin meditating!

If you would like to sponsor a full cabin and receive visiting opportunities, contact us.

All donations are tax-deductible in the U.S


Total Goal: $150K

We are building a meditation deck so you can come experience Dharma teachings at Dewachen!

Whether you want to contribute to a floorboard, Tibetan archway, or sponsor the roof: your contribution small or large makes it possible for us to begin hosting community gatherings on site in 2024!

All donations are tax-deductible in the U.S

Total Goal: $150k

How Dewachen was born:

Drupon Lama Dorje completed a 4-year solitary retreat in the mountains of India under the Drikung Kagyu Lineage which changed his life profoundly. He aspired to create a silent retreat sanctuary accessible to all people of all backgrounds, so they too could benefit from this knowledge and come to know their innate goodness.

After dedicating 14 years of teaching in Chile, Lama visited Costa Rica in 2021 and learned this country is committed to peace and regeneration. Here he found the perfect home for Dewachen Sanctuary.

The land owner made a generous offer to support Lama’s dream, and two sangha members matched each other to make the land purchase possible. Since then, the sangha has come together to protect even more surrounding land and water.

Now we are building this dream step by step as a gift to humanity -- to be reserved for all future generations.

The Future of Dewachen


Preserve and Reforest 108 hectares of surrounding farmlands


Pray, meditate, and gather as community with world renowned spiritual leaders

Solitary Retreats

Explore personal silent retreats: weekend, week, month, year and traditional 3 year retreats

Traditional Temple

Build a traditional Tibetan Buddhist Temple in Costa Rica to preserve Tibetan culture.

Rinpoche Housing

Traditional housing to receive high masters from Tibet


A sacred monument that protects the Earth and blesses all beings.


Volunteer with us

may all beings benefit