Dewachen World Peace Sanctuary

Join us in protecting this important cloud forest

We are on a mission to protect our watershed by August 5th

What is dewachen?

We envision 100 generations of peace by nourishing the seeds of wisdom and compassion in all individuals, families, religions, cultures, and nations.

We are establishing a world peace sanctuary in Costa Rica guided by Buddhist principles and open to all members of the human family. We share teachings and meditations that foster inner peace, practice compassionate living through intercultural unity, and care for our home the Earth through environmental regeneration.

Dewachen will be home to the first Tibetan Temple and Intercultural Peace Shala in Costa Rica.

We are committed to protect and reforest all the surrounding farmlands.

A gift to all beings.


We have already purchased 3 hectares of pristine cloud forest
Settled the Dewachen team on the land
Observed the land and natural habitat
Began planting gardens and food forest
Developed springs to the food garden
Currently building our first retreat cabin and community kitchen

Current Goal: $

Help us protect 15 acres
of cloud forest from
chemical agriculture.

Donations are tax-deductible through our U.S. 501c3

Year 1 Success!

√ Raised and generated $124,000 for Dewachen

√ Preserved 6.7 acres of pristine cloud forest

√ Settled the Dewachen team on the land

 √ Built our first retreat cabin!

 √ Hosted 67 Dharma teachings since beginning in 2022

√ Developed water springs to the gardens

 √ Planted a mini food forest

 √ Formed our global sangha!

Contribute to a peaceful world


Priority: $75k (Current Goal)

Help us protect 15 acres of adjacent land and the two fresh water springs that are in danger of chemical agriculture.

A nearby company is trying to purchase this land, yet the seller has agreed to our proposal. We will put down the deposit on August 5th.

Every bit helps! All donations are tax-deductible in the U.S.

Total goal by Nov 1st: $150k


Build 7 Silent

Retreat CABINS

Donate a bag of cement, a window, or sponsor a whole cabin: anything small or large makes it possible to receive guests on site in 2024 to begin meditating!

All donations are tax-deductible in the U.S

Total goal by Dec.1st: $209k


Whether you want to contribute to a floorboard, Tibetan archway, or sponsor the roof: your contribution small or large makes it possible for us to begin hosting community gatherings on site in 2024!

All donations are tax-deductible in the U.S

Total Goal by Dec.1st: $150k

How Dewachen was born:

After completing a 4-year solitary retreat in the mountains of India, Drupon Lama Dorje dreamed of creating a silent retreat sanctuary accessible to all people of all backgrounds, so they too may come to know their innate goodness.

In 2021 Lama visited Costa Rica -- a country committed to peace and regeneration -- and found the home for Dewachen Sanctuary. Within a few months, the land owner made a generous offer to support Lama’s dream, and two sangha members made the land purchase possible. 

Now we are building this dream step by step as a gift to humanity -- to be reserved for all future generations under the protection of the Drikung Kagyu Lineage. 

Dewachen བདེ་བ་ཅན། means “Pure Land” in the Tibetan Language.
A mental state of pure happiness where we touch our true nature.



The Future of Dewachen

  • Preserve and protect 50 hectares of cloud forest
  • Begin hosting personal silent retreats
  • Design and plant food forest

  • Stupa of Enlightenment
  • Intercultural Peace Shala
  • Host Intercultural gatherings

  • First traditional Tibetan Buddhist Temple in Costa Rica
  • Amitabha flower garden