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Lojong Mind Training: 3-part Series

In this 3-part series, we will enjoy dharma teachings covering the 8 verses of mind training.

In Tibetan, lojong means “mind training”. To turn the mind inward, learn to work with our emotions and other ‘afflictive states’, and train the mind through wisdom and compassion so that we can create lasting change in our daily lives.

These precious teachings instruct us on how to convert all our daily life situations and experiences into knowledge that allows us to grow. We are often caught up in an unending cycle of avoiding what is unpleasant and rejecting what we don’t like which takes much effort and inevitably is not a successful approach to happiness. Instead, we can train in the stability of mind that can work with and transform any situation- pleasing or unpleasant- into the fertile ground of awakening true and lasting happiness.

Lama's intention for offering this series is to nurture the sangha with a step-by-step deep dive to integrate this timeless knowledge into our daily lives. This series will include succinct teachings, interactive activities, & integration meditation practices.


This series includes 3 teachings from Drupon Lama Dorje on the 8 verses of mind training, each around 2.5 hours. We will also share with you a bonus teaching from Venerable Geshe Lhakdor, director of the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives and former translator of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. We had the honor of receiving this precious teaching in Dharamsala, India during our 2022 Sacred Journey.

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Mind The Precious Diamond

Join us for a deep dive into the depths of the human potential! The human mind is vast and expansive with infinite potential to create peace, well-being and harmony for ourselves and all beings. Yet, when we get trapped in thoughts, habits and emotions, we create disharmony in our own lives and the lives of others.

Lama Dorje will teach us Tibetan philosophy about the 5 emotions and their connection to the 5 elements- fire, water, earth, air, and space. He will share techniques for uncovering the wisdom that is hidden in each and how to apply contemplation and mind training to live consciously and awaken our highest potential of calm. centered, happiness.

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Calming the Mind - Tibetan Buddhist Meditation

Through the practice of calming the mind, clarity naturally arises and allows us to engage in life with compassion and wisdom.

Join us for instruction and training by working with the 7 points of posture of meditation, the 9 purifying breaths, and the practice of Tonglen (giving & taking) to cultivate compassion.

Learn how to practice mental calmness in any action throughout the day so we may organize our thoughts, develop more patience and tolerance, cultivate love, compassion, and interior peace.

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The 4 Thoughts That Turn the Mind

It is through the process of Awakening that we are invited to actualize a deeper meaning in life and truly awaken our inner qualities of love, compassion, joy, and equanimity - to benefit the whole web of life. Join Drupon Lama Dorje for a deep dive into the 4 foundational reflections that turn the mind:

-Precious Human Life


-Universal Law of Cause and Effect

- Cyclic Existence

to understand how these essential teachings can be applied in daily life situations to balance both internal and external worlds.

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The Dharma of Activism

What does it mean to be a true activist?

Can we stand for what is fair and just, and do so with unshakeable clarity and love in our hearts? Join Drupon Lama Dorje for an intriguing dialogue on everyday activism from the perspective of one of the foremost leading community's of peace in the world: Tibetan Buddhism. Learn techniques and methods to lead from the heart from those who have put compassionate activism into action on a global scale.

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Power of Mantras

Join Drupon Lama Dorje for an interactive Dharma experience learning to train our minds through the power of sacred sound. Mantra translates as “liberation of the mind” and is a sacred tool that acts as a “hook” to bring our mind to the present and work with vibration to enhance inner qualities of virtue.

Receiving transmission and instruction from a qualified master greatly influences the power of the mantra and its beneficial effects- as it has been passed down in an unbroken lineage of awakened masters for thousands of years which connects us directly to the heart of human potential. We will learn and receive the transmission for the mantras of loving kindness, pure strength and primordial wisdom.

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