Welcome Home Lama Party and Teachings

Welcome Home Party; Wisdom and Compassion Teachings



January 20, 2023 1:00 PM

Costa Rica UTC-6


January 20, 2023 5:00 PM

Costa Rica UTC-6

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Event Overview

Join the Chirripo Sangha in welcoming Drupon Lama Dorje back to Costa Rica! We will celebrate our beloved Lama's return with blessings and music, then enjoy his first teaching of the year!

Lama has chosen to launch 2023 off with a multi-faceted series on WISDOM and COMPASSION. His intention is to nurture the sangha with a step-by-step deep dive to integrate this timeless knowledge into our daily lives. This series will include succinct teachings, interactive activities, & integration sessions.

Join this first event of the year at Casa Alegria in Chirripo, Costa Rica or connect with us live through Zoom. We will come to understand the two pillars of the Dharma and how it supports both individual and collective growth in a very tangible way.

WISDOM is comprehending interdependence of all life. COMPASSION is acting for the well-fare of all beings. These two precious jewels sit at the heart of Tibetan worldview and have proven to be valuable tools in spreading peace at a global scale. How can we up-level our own understanding and application in every day life?

What might we learn from a world-renowned culture that is committed to peace as we build conscious community here in Costa Rica and abroad?

As His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama says "Global peace is an individual responsibility."

IMAHO! Welcome to this exquisite series on WISDOM AND COMPASSION.

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