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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I pack

Any extra meditation cushions or seating that you need to be comfortable while sitting, notebook and pen, refillable water bottle. 

If you are attending a retreat you will receive an email with a suggested packing list depending on the location and retreat type. 

What is your refund policy?

All contributions for attending a teaching are donations to help support Lama’s basic living and travel costs so that he can continue to spread precious teachings of consciousness. We typically do not offer refunds for full day teachings or shorter.

If you are attending a retreat the refund policy can be found during the registration process. Please email with any questions.

Can I count my event contribution as a tax-deductible donation? 

Yes ... more details to be provided

How do I prepare mentally?

All you need is to bring a present, open heart and mind to the event! 

Will there be an English translation?

Yes! Drupon Lama Dorje will be sharing the teachings in spanish and everything will be translated into english from his translator, Carolina. 

Do I have to be or become a Buddhist to attend or get benefits?

We share practical tools that can be used in daily life whether you're Buddhist or not that can help generate a greater sense of peace and happiness amidst life's challenges.