The 4 Essentials of Happiness

Course Description

The 4 Essentials of Happiness, otherwise known as the 4 Immeasurables, are fundamental requirements for peace and happiness in our lives and in the world. When we study and reflect upon these qualities, integrating them honestly in our lives, we begin to re-center virtue at the heart of society. This in turn influences our families, organizations, relationships, and the interconnected world we live in- thereby creating the conditions for happiness for ourselves and others. This is what we want right?

The first step to peace and happiness is beginning to train our minds to think about the well-being of others. This may sound out of the norm, usually we think we need to consider ourselves first. But, as one great master said, “True happiness comes from wishing happiness for others.” When we begin to open our hearts to the fact that everybody wants peace and happiness, and nobody wants to suffer, then we begin to understand we are all in the same boat. We begin to break down our divisiveness and respect one another as one big interconnected family.

The course includes over 2 hours of instruction and commentary from Lama Dorje (in Spanish with English translation), Q&A from a pre-recorded audience, and a 4 Essentials Course workbook to track your progress. 

In this self-paced 4-week course, you will learn about each of the 4 Essentials of Happiness through the framework of the 3 wisdoms; listen, contemplate, and meditate. This framework is what traditional masters use to train in bringing knowledge into embodied wisdom.  

We will utilize this same method to integrate these 4 Essentials of Happiness into daily life.


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