Leticia Guevarra

Leticia grew up traversing the Andes mountains and learning about Inkan plants from the matriarchs of her family, her mom and abuela. She was the only child in her lineage who had a natural gift with plants and decided to dedicate herself to the medicine path.

She pursued higher education in nursing and became a certified nurse in her 20’s so she could have an understanding of occidental medicine. She determined that occidental medicine is very beneficial in many ways yet, in her opinion, also has its downfall in causing many unwanted side effects.

Leticia now bridges the best of both worlds dedicating herself to providing health care for her community through traditional Quechua medicines, plant walks, herbal therapies, and medicine making.

She is the Co-Founder and lead herbalist in Hampi Mama Botanical Sanctuary. Hampi Mama means “Medicine Mother” in Quechua. Her dream is to establish additional medicinal sanctuaries in both highland communities and the cloud forest to preserve the full breadth of Andean plant knowledge and habitats.